ChromaLabel is the direct to web venue for a family business that has been in existence since 1978.  This business manufactured tape and label products, selling to other large companies.  They knew they needed to re-think their branding, strategy, and focus, and came to Andrew when they wanted to do a public-facing e-commerce division of their 35-year old company.

Andrew worked with the ChromaLabel team to develop their brand from the ground-up, starting with the logo, through to the website, and advising them on the best strategies for marketing directly to the public for the first time in their history.

This close collaboration between Andrew and the ChromaLabel production team created a successful and self-profitable business of its own within 1 year of launch.

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Carve Creative continues to work with ChromaLabel on a nearly daily basis – advising on global marketing strategies, identifying their best target markets, sending out direct-mail pieces, email newsletters, and completely handling their social media and blog.

And we’ve done it for less money than having a dedicated marketing person in-house!

Skills Branding, Email Marketing, Print Design, Social Marketing, Web Design
Client ChromaLabel