Flint Hills Shakespeare Festival

Since 2010, the Flint Hills region of Kansas has been home to a small but growing festival.  The Flint Hills Shakespeare Festival is located halfway between Manhattan and Topeka, on Highway 24.  Initially begun as a fundraiser to restore the town of St. Marys’ beautiful but deteriorating WWI memorial arch, it was always intended to reach far beyond the immediate locale.  A community based initiative using local talent, it takes place at an outdoor, natural amphitheater nestled in a wooded valley surrounded by an artisan “village” of vendor booths – the perfect setting for Sir William’s dramas and comedies.

Little did they know the growth would happen as quickly as it has!  The first year, they saw an attendance of over 900 patrons, mostly residents of the town or neighboring communities.  Now the Flint Hills Shakespeare Festival fascinates thousands of patrons from well beyond the small community.  Attendance for the 2014 production of “As You Like It” was over 5,000, and people who made long drives to experience a night at the Festival found that it was well worth it.  Through volunteer and donated resources, and supported by a huge interest in the Bard’s contribution to literature and culture, they have been able to expand and beautify every aspect of the Festival since it began.

It was at this point that the board president approached us and asked us to partner with his Architect, who is completely re-imagining the outdoor amphitheater, and update their branding & collateral pieces.  We’ve assumed the social media accounts, assisted with their print pieces for fundraising, and taken the Festival to the next level of professionalism – matching the amazing product that is on their stages!

Skills Branding, Print Design, Social Marketing
Client Flint Hills Shakespeare Festival